Facebook money or Facebook is a reference book or electronic directory made up of individuals’ photographs, names and profiles, for easy access and quick identification of information about such individual. 

A publication carried out by schools, colleges, polytechnics and universities which is  distributed at the start of the academic year by the administrations of such institutions with the intention of helping students get to know each other better.

On this note, the young man – Mark Zuckerberg – buy the idea, and thought it wise to enlighten the people around-the-clock to key into this ideal idea as a social media to help people connect together and share their common thoughts and experiences all over the world. Therefore, Facebook came into existence. Want to know more?


Brief Look on How to Make Money Through Facebook

To Make Money through your Facebook profile is that easy and simple. It doesn’t occur the way you think, but it involves you putting in your best, having the interest of the people in the societies at hand by knowing; what  they need, what they want, what they like, what they dislike and how to relinquish their taste.Money
How To Make Money Online – Updated 2016 – Free Guide
Firstly, let’s look at how you can make money through Facebook ads without necessarily having a business to promote or product to sell. The basic idea of doing this is here for you.
Will FaceBook Make You Thousands of Dollars in Just Days? | I’ve to realy analyse this for your understanding of the pros and cons.
Every money making article doesn’t revolve around traditional tactics of money making online.
Let’s be realistic and creative a bit.
People are smart out there and they are using the most out of social media.
Facebook is at the top of the list.
Make yourself ready for this. Because this needs a calm and collected mind to understand.
If you’re stressed out, just bookmark this article and read when you’re feeling motivated and want to bump into something more pumping.
That’s what this article is all about.
I want this article to work for you.
I did some research before start writing this article.
I wanted this to work for you. So, I’m pretty sure that if you give your time to this article, it will give you at least a direction of using Facebook to make money, if you’re not a social media ninja.
That’s the beauty of this.
Have you ever heard of selling Facebook likes?
If yes, then forget it, forever.
What’s amazing about this guide?
One of the coolest things about this guide is that the more you get into it, the more you build your business around Facebook. You would be using Facebook as a leverage to build your empire.
Thinking of online frauds and filthy scams?
Would you like to create a business based on a scam?
Then you won’t get into any scam or fraud scheme.
Let’s understand Facebook
Imagine, Facebook as a city.
You move to a new city, buy yourself a shelter, get started with your new life, and look towards starting a business.
Everything looks cool.
What would you need next?
You would need following things in a new city:
  • Relations with People to get to know things
  • Friends who can help you establish
  • A Friendly Neighbor for social life
  • Experienced folks (who can guide)
So, similarly, when you join Facebook or start using it for better, following ways will help you not to just make the most out of it, but you will also start to establish your business and make money off of it. Because social media  is today’s reality, you would have to jump into it one way or the other.
So why not to start understanding it and building your impact?
Here are 6 Ways to Make Money on Facebook:

1) Selling through a Facebook Group to Make money

One of the ways of building a community is using the option of ‘Facebook Group’. As we’re discussing the money-making aspect of Facebook, it has got covered in this.
Because Facebook now provides an option to start selling items inside Facebook Group but that all happens when your group has the right audience for it, which means community building does have its role in it.
How to make money with a Facebook Group?
Last year, Facebook introduced buying and selling in Facebook groups, which makes it easier for anyone to start selling on Facebook. There will always be some limited features availability and it depends on us how we use for our benefit.
It all begins with a Facebook group, once you have it, you need an engaged community in that group, and once you got that, at last, you need a product to sell out.
Once an entrepreneur or marketer who has the product to sell can certainly move forward to his/her Facebook group in order to start utilizing it.
Don’t just limit yourself to this option, in fact, a well-managed Facebook group can be a closed-group with a limited access to the certain members or clients and they can be offered a special access to the valuable material which isn’t available to everyone else.
So, it’s more or less, how you mold the option to make money.

2) Using the Facebook Page to Make Money

Facebook page is an essential element of Facebook when it comes to businesses, websites, celebs, and brands. A company would rather build a Facebook page than a Facebook profile because it is the right thing to do.
So, it’s quite important to know that how the Facebook page can be used (as an option) to make money online.
Let’s not get into the basics, because pretty much everybody knows about Facebook pages.
So, I’ll be jumping to different strategies that will be both free and paid to using Facebook pages to make money off of Facebook:
  1. Advertising on Facebook: When it comes to advertising on Facebook, it all begins with the Page option, you may need to set up your advertising account through your Facebook account but you won’t be able to start advertising if you haven’t created a page to promote your content or page itself. So, advertising comes under paid methods of money making on Facebook. It’s a wide topic to cover but let’s not get into it.
  2. Shareable Content Creation: The success of Facebook page begins with the creation of great content and gets tested the way it’s liked and shared by the audience. Whether you advertise your page or promote your content through engagement, once you have built an engaged audience, you get your hands on the opportunities to make money off of your Facebook page.
  3. Viral Videos and Posts: Viral videos and posts require a lot of hustle to get it done but once it’s done and it works, your content can go viral which ultimately gives you a lot of monetization opportunities in term of branding and sponsorship.
Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert and online entrepreneur who uses the Facebook platform at its best. Her business methodology does have the advertising factor involve but she has been phenomenal with her online courses selling. She uses Pages and Groups on Facebook.
Zig Ziglar is a best-selling author, speaker, and expert. If you follow him on Facebook, his page feeds the fans with a lot of motivational quotations and it helps him keep the audience engaged.

3) Using the Facebook Audience Network

Here comes the technical thing.
If you’re an entrepreneur, website owner, blogger, or app maker, then this money making strategy might be interested in you. Facebook Audience Network provides an opportunity to the website owners and app makers to use this ad network from Facebook to make money off of the mobile audience.
Facebook has the network of 3 million advertisers. So, Facebook created this ads platform to help creators monetize their mobile properties. In fact, Mobile Web Open beta has been made online which will allow publishers to monetize mobile website traffic through the Audience network.
Instant Article is a recent launch of Facebook, which is a technology for online publishers to provide Facebook a quick access to their articles through RSS integration.
With this technology activated, a reader won’t have to go to the browser after clicking on an article while using Facebook app on the mobile phone, it would open up the article quickly right within the Facebook. This becomes another opportunity for publishers to make money off of Facebook.
The monetization in Instant Articles would work with the Facebook Audience Network as well.

4) Advertising your Products to Make Money

Advertising the products on Facebook is the simplest way to get started with money making online, but interestingly it requires you to spend money first in order to get started as well as there is no guarantee of profit making.
It’s more or less dependent upon the factors such as the type of ad campaign, target audience, product nature, price, and ad design. Once everything goes in the right direction, you can easily start selling things via Facebook ads.
This method, as told before, is likely to fit with the online marketers or product makers who can use Facebook ads (means spend money before earning it) and wait for things to happen for them.
The key elements of a Facebook Ad Campaign are:
  • Campaign Type: It all begins with the campaign type. Whenever you start a Facebook ad, it asks you to choose the type of campaign you want to run. Once you choose the right campaign to start advertising, the rest of the job gets easier. Campaign type selection reflects on your ad campaign’s success and failure. Because if you choose the wrong campaign, no matter how much you spend, it’s not going to work because you will be meeting the wrong audience.
  • Audience Selection: The audience selection is the most critical part of the Facebook Ads. If this goes well, the chances are, your campaign could work. Because the wrong audience means you’re showing your ads to someone who is not interested in your ads and you’re still paying for it.
  • Ad Copy: Ad Copy comprises of ad’s design, color, and text material was written on it. You got to choose the relevant colors and text style that prospect audience could relate to. Ad copy involves all those things that joint together to make a complete picture of your ad.
  • Segmentation: Segmentation refers to the process in which you specify an audience from the population. The Facebook ad system provides you a chance to select your audience based on territory, behaviors, interests, and a few more choices.
  • Budgeting: At the end of the campaign management, you need to select your budget right before submitting your ad for approval.
This brief guide isn’t specifically a Facebook Ads guide, the purpose of mentioning the Facebook Ads option was that anyone who knows how to use Facebook ads can make money off of online advertising.
But if you don’t have any product to sell or affiliate item to promote, then Facebook ads alone can’t do any good for you.

5) Booking Clients for Consultancy

If you haven’t heard about selling consultancies through Facebook, then you might need to stay here and read this. Because there are experts out there who are leveraging the Facebook for the better.
If you’re wondering that Facebook used to be the place to get connected with old friends and overseas relatives, then you may need to stay a little updated on the buzz word called “Social Media”…
All you need is to find a talent in yourself, which means:
  • What can you sell?
  • What can you offer?
  • What do you know better?
  • What do you like to talk about?
  • What’s favorite thing?
  • What’s your hobby?
  • What’s that you always help people with?
There is always something everyone is good at. Finding that thing might be the hardest of all.
Once you find that THING in yourself, you can explore a lot more.
Caitlyn de Beer is a solid example of that. She is a life coach and consultant. She helps people in finding the life and the career they want for themselves.
Liz Goodchild does the same thing. She helps people in making their life, career, and management decisions.
Facebook has already provided a CTA button option for Facebook Page owners to add up to the menu of their pages. This often helps experts and consultants to engage the prospects through driving them to their websites.
It shows that it’s a thing and right in front of us.
It’s up to us that how we use it.

6) Selling your Service to Make Money

If you’re thinking that what’s the difference between this 6th method of money making on Facebook with the rest of them, where somehow selling through Facebook pages or groups were discussed, then I’d reply that the difference is with the approach.
You can create your Facebook page to just create your Facebook page or you can create a Facebook Page to sell your service.
Bem Zenit sells her handmade crafts using the Facebook page. She does have a store online and she uses Facebook page to attract the new audience.
Alisha Land exactly knows about “Selling Your Service” thing on Facebook.
She has been doing for quite some time now. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and an author.
The reason these two Facebook pages are different from everyday Facebook Pages and professionals’ profiles is that they have clearly shown on their Facebook pages that WHAT THEY DO.
Their pages revolve around their business model.
They’re actually selling their service through Facebook.
If you’ve got something to sell, Facebook is the right place to be.
These Facebook groups and pages seem a very common thing for us as we encounter these things every single day, but when it comes to actually start using them for our own business, then it gives you a hard time as well as it opens up opportunities for some people who want to make money online by actually start selling something with their own hands.
You can certainly make money on Facebook.
I even never touched the entrepreneur-part of FACEBOOK.
I kept it simple this time. (Maybe, some other day…)
The thing which is interesting in this tutorial is that it might make you THINK ABOUT FACEBOOK DIFFERENTLY.
Have you ever thought that you could make money on Facebook?
That’s important.
When we hear Facebook, we imagine, friends, connectivity, and gossips.
Facebook can help you make money online.
Those 6 methods were probably simple, but worth giving attention for those who want to start something and use Facebook for better.
What will you do to make money on Facebook?  
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