Do you need a website or do you want to create a website or Blog for your business and you don’t know how to go about it? Well, many people have been in this circumstances and there are still many that are looking for a clearer solution to this. You are not alone, I was like this few years ago until I stumbled on a blog like this, now, that blog is no more available. That is why I decided to publish this to help.

Thank God for having found this.

Here, I will take you through the simplest way to get started and own that your dream website without any coding knowledge. Not like other sites that you have to finish an encyclopedia before, jet still being confused how to make a start.

Let’s be point blank now.



Step 1.  Own any one of these: a computer 💻, a mobile smartphone 📱, laptop or tablet device.

* Have a browsing data and a steady internet connection.

* Go to a cyber cafe if you are jet to purchase any of the above-mentioned equipment.

* Just know how to surf the internet. This one is a must as it is as simple as ABC, because you are using phone 📱 the same way to browse, searching the web for information as well as chatting on social media.


Step 2 Search online for a web hosting service or a domain registration site.

* Enter your website name as you want it to be, this website name is known as domain name. Let it be in line with your business name or the business idea name which you have in mind. Then click on search, if the name is available, you will see the congratulations message. If not, you will be told to choose another name or from the suggested options that will be display for you. Then follow the instructions to get your domain name address registered. That’s simple! Let’s move on.


Step 3. Hosting your website

After getting your website address registered and available for use, the next step is to search for a web hosting provider, or, if the site you register your domain name has a hosting service, you can host your site with them.

Here, you select the package that is affordable for you. The form will be open for you, fill in your details and choose the method of payment, then, submit and a message will be sent to you through the email address you used in registration. For a start, I suggest you go for a small package. When all is done, you will be notified for a successful hosting of your website. For more on this CLICK HERE

For the simple, cheap, easy and a good domain name registration/web hosting services, I trust this HOSTING SITE, try them and you will be happy that chose them.



To lunch your website is very simple. When you received the notification message from your host provider telling you that your site is successfully hosted and is ready.

What you need to do is to upload your website to the hosting account you just activated for your site to come up online. Of course, this is what you will be told to do by your host.

I am going to show you how to upload your files to the website so that, you can do it by yourself without getting confused.



Log in to your cPanel, under Softaculous applications click on WordPress. CONTINUE HERE



  1. Weldon. Your work is awesome and extremely fascinating. Please, do complete the
    uploading of files as to put me in the current for I long for this. Thanks.

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