Debate as put through the words’ compendiums, is like an argument, or discussion, usually in the form of arrangement in an ordered [informal] or formal way, often with more than two people that is generally ending with a vote or other decision.

An informal and spirited but generally civil discussion of opposing views.

History has it to be a type of literary composition that takes the form of a discussion or disputation, commonly found in the vernacular medieval way or peotry of many European countries and those of the people in medieval Latin countries as well.

Mostly, the argument or discussion, arising in such a way, usually takes place in a small group of people living together, in knowing who is doing well and who is not in the family brings about this writing.

Here, I’m going to elaborate on the importance of the father  in the family.


The topic of this Debate; Fathers are better than Mothers is so critical. Critical in the sense that, it is had and very confusing to believe. This type of debate needs a careful thinker, and a houseful of well trained Deliberators, together with the high and experience writer to convince the minds of the readers FROM OTHER DEBATE. At such, however, my writing on this Debate topic has been compared to other debate topics of online writers, and given high recommendation as the best.  Read on



Ladys and Gentlemen of all races,  I greet you all in anticipation. In this debate topic, I want to enlighten the world with few points on how important is the Father in the family than the Mother. Happy reading.



Debate family head

Fathers are the head of the family: What is the meaning of being the head? Being the head means being the Leader. In every families, groups, associations, organizations, communities, villages, cities, localities, states, countries, and so on; there must be a leader or the head who overseer the affairs of the gatherings, even Church and other religions. This shows how important is the leader or the head of every gatherings.

So, Father, as the head of the family is more important or better than the Mother.



Debate family head

Father is the Bread-winner of the family – In Some families, Mothers are the bread-winner, but in Most families, Fathers are the bread-winner.

What did I mean by being the bread-winner? The Bread-winner is one who provides Mostly to the family’s daily needs, not Some of the family’s daily needs. For instance, take a look at the workers in the Industries, Factories, Companies, Government parastatals, you may name them, Men or male factors are the dominant and they are Mostly the leaders or the Heads. This shows the statistics of those working to better their family’s lives and lot of affairs.

So, Fathers, being men or male factors are better than Mothers, being women or female factors.



Debate uniqueness

Fathers are Unique in the family – What did I mean by the word “UNIQUE”? Unique is radically, distinctive and outstanding ways of doing things and solving problems alone without the help of others. Let me quickly draw your attention to the Polygamous families: Here, Fathers are always at the centers of matters bettween Mothers and the Children. Calling to Himself both left and right, and welded the bond of every members of the family together. They have the capabilities of marrying many wives and fathering many children, providing for them and distribute things equally without envy. Attaining to their disputes and differences without problems, and make peace among them. But Mothers cannot do all these, even if given an opportunity to do so.




Fathers can protect the family in more better ways than Mothers. Debate on Protection

What is Protection in the first place? In protection, I mean the taking care of or keeping Debate Protection safe of what is being entrusted into your hand, or what you have and love from spoiling, injuries, internal and externl attacks of the enamies and intruders.

Father can create influence and instill fear in those who come against the family and its properties, making them to be affraid and eventually run-away.

Fathers are the backbone of the families, the pillars of the families, the protectors of the families. While Mothers are the supporters of the Fathers in the families, not the key features of defence in the families.



Debate Wisdom

Fathers have more Wisdom in dealing with the affairs of the family in better ways than Mothers. In wisdom, I mean possessing that characters that will make you to be able to think wisely and solve problems amicably.

One of this characters is Calmness. Fathers are mostly and generally calm. They are not noice makers. They think distinctively and also act distinctively, thereby imparting this character to the children.

For instance, take a look at students lifestyles in schools. The dull brain are the noice makers and trouble makers, which, at the end, they come out with poor performance because they didn’t spent their time reading and studying. Whereas, the well-behaved, gentle and calm students in schools are those that perform well, because they focus in their studies and spent their time reading, which make them always made their families proud and their teachers too.

This is as the result of their father’s wisdom in dealing with the affairs of the family.



Debate Blessings

Fathers carry blessing in the family than Mothers. What is Blessing? Blessing is the ability to be productive, pronounced and proceeds from the mouth of the superior onto the subordinate. To deeper my point, let us see from the Bible what happen to Essau and Jacob. Issac, being their father, poored out all the blessing on Jacob and non was left for Essau. Genesis 27 : 28 – 29. I ask, why didn’t Essau require of the Mother’s  own? This is because, Father is the most superior personaliy in the family, and therefore, they are the carriers of blessing in the family. Mothers are given the chance when the eyes of the father is no more.

So, my dear readers, with this few points, I think I have been able to convince you to beleive that, FATHERS ARE BETTER AND FAR MORE BETTER THAN MOTHERS.

What do you think or what can you say on this? Lets hear from you below.

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