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Author: Michael I. Andem


The Man Andem, was born several years ago, but, Michael, as pleased by the Almighty God, inspired by Wisdom, impacted with knowledge and understanding, metamorphosed from the real Domain into the land of Okopedi Okobo of Akwa Ibom in Nigeria, Africa and the entire world at large. Born with the Ultimate desire and seal to lift the Light and let shine to all.

A single blogger who, in all his living strives to make a change and bring succour to many lives. A true, simple and humble person who is not stupid in his humbleness and simplicity. Aspiring to instill holiness in people’s lives by showing them the right way to make a better (if not the best) living. By GOD special Grace.

LORD, I gives You all the glory, not that I have had any, but out of what You have already, same is what I continually gives to You.

Glory, Honour, Adoration, Worship, Praise and Thanksgiving be to God. Amen.